May 25, 2017

Trail Report Dec 23 – 2016

Trail Report Dec 23 – 2016

The main trail, including the extension, have been worked with the long drag. Just the trail, the corners have been broken out (except for the 12-mile) but not dragged. Thanks for the help Jeff Conn.

The long drags pull the snow to fill in and smooth. They also scrape the high places clear. This will continue until there is more snow. Go slow. We had an additional 30-inches of snow at this point last year. But there was no snow in the forecast and not much additional snow fell until March. We do have snow in the forecast. Everybody snow dance!

I will be building ramps and filling in the ditches. If you care to help, let me know and we can coordinate. I understand it is the holiday weekend and I will be unavailable Monday.

Merry Christmas!


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