May 24, 2017

Trail report Dec 20th, 2016

Trail report Dec 20th, 2016

From Sam, the trail guy:

“I have broken out the main 20-mile track. It is very rough with new sink holes and it seems some of the older ones are deeper. The ditch where the inbound trail crosses at the 4.8 is deeper or the bank is steeper. None of the dips have been filled or any ramps built. Go slow! Coming out of the trees into the corner of the field where we had to re-route the outbound trail just before the 6.2-mile turn has settled and exposed stumps from the clearing work. Watch out! The tussock fields approaching the outbound 11-mile turn  and the outbound 16-mile are very rough and punchy, bottomless in some places. A deep sink hole on the inbound in the first birch forest past the 15-mile turn will surprise you in a right hand turn. It did me. Go slow! Learn and scout the trail before you commit.

Build it and they will come. I have already encountered all of our possible trail users after opening up miles of untouched trail.

I am starting on the Extension in an effort to get it broken out before the next snow fall. I can start to pull snow with the long drag once we get the next accumulation.

Typical brushy areas and the occasional down tree but last year’s brushing efforts are very noticeable. Thanks again. Anyone who has found a Swedish brush axe on the outbound 16-mile where that spruce tree was no longer in your way, enjoy it, they are great tool.

The contractor building the power plant at UAF is using the Great Northwest Pit as a lay-down yard. I have spoken with one of the operators there to let us have the inside of the turn the trail makes past their operation. They have filled in the ditch that was a hazard last year. Overall the trail on the dyke and through the portion closest to College Road is in great shape. Perhaps their presence will deter the yahoo snowmachiners. I know but I can hope.

Go slow! Watch and listen for other trail users”

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