May 25, 2017

ONAC start location 

ONAC start location 



The Alaska Dog Mushers Association has decided to move the start of the 72nd ONAC to the Dog Mushers Hall.  We have been watching Noyes slough for the past two months.  Due to high water the past three years and probably some climate change there has been bank erosion.  One part of which has almost completely blocked the access to the slough from the river side making the trail that is left unsafe for a large string of dogs.  There is also shelf ice on the college road side which has broken through in places, not lending itself to safety of large dog teams.  The ADMA board has looked at other options of running from downtown and bypassing the slough but the options are either too dangerous due to open water or require obtaining multiple easements.

There needs to be work done to the slough during the spring and summer to clear it out and make it usable again to race in. We met with Mayor Karl Kassel to discuss this and get names of other organizations to help get this done.  Permitting will need to be obtained to work on the slough.  The ADMA board would like to see this race run again from downtown but Mother Nature has not been cooperating.  With the help we want to get this summer from other organizations we are hoping to be able to do that again.

As in the past two years we will have a shuttle bus running from the Westmark and Trax Outdoor every 20 minutes Friday through Sunday the weekend of the race.

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