May 24, 2017

3-6-15 Trail Report

3-6-15 Trail Report

I have rolled the main trail including the extension. I made multiple passes on the 4.8, 6.2, 8, 9, 11 and 12.2 turns to pack down the recent snows. I also rolled the holding area and the spectator areas in between the hall and the fence.

GCI has started clearing more parking for the North American Championship races.

The forecast looks good for more snow. We will see.

It would be nice to get some paw pad packing on the extension. It is in really good shape and has been brushed out real nice by Mike McCowan. Ramps are in progress and overflow is on Reindeer Lake and the two usual spots east of the lake on the extension. Teams could start at the Henrik Court access, run around the 19.8 mile to the extension and come back using the 16 or the 14 mile groomer (reverse) turns. The extension is nearly eight miles and the 19.8 mile loop using the 16.2 turn is around five miles making a nice 12 – 14 mile run. Make it longer by using the 14 or the 12.2 groomer (reverse) turns to end up back at Henrik Court.

Good Luck in North Pole this weekend!


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